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OMGZ [Sunday

OMGZ we have members! Praise be. I haven't checked on this for ages *blush* sorry Nuggan. The layout is really kool ^_^
Your Anti-Pope is requesting money so they can go see Cradle. Otherwise your pope would feel sad and left out and cause wrath and such XD But maybe I will just search the parent's pockets and see what turns up...
Um.. thats is all I have to say.. except that my new favourite words are REPENT and CUNT. So Repent unto me ye Cunts ^_^
(see I do swear..)
to be immortal ]

Praise Be [Tuesday

[ mood | ditzy ]

Today the libraree was blessed with the prescence of Nuggan. Praise Be. It was all they talked to me about afterwards, not everyday they are priviledged to have BOTH a god and a pope in there.

I saw a pink cardigan. But it was flourescent Pink. Not sure if that is libraree material. I will meditate upon it.

Over and out.

p.s A popal decree to Nuggan: watch Disposable Teens - Manson has a POPE OUTFIT!!! We must Steal it.

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Enemies Of Metal Your Death Is Our Reward [Monday

[ mood | high ]

Hello This Is Your Pope Speaking, You May Have Heard Of Me - pOpe bAttery pOwered, Devoted Second In Command Leader Of The Cult Of Nuggan *Salutes To The Almighty Allpowerful etc Nuggan*

That Is All The Insight And Wisdon You Will Be Recieving From Me For Now Because My Popal Brain Needs To Concentrate On Polymerisation...

Long Live Nuggan

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